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    *  Make your reservation now!    *  Lunch Special Only $8.49 : Monday to Friday from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm: Homemade Soup, Main Dish plus Homemade Bread !    *  Food To Go - Bring the Experience Home!
Pork "Vreteno":
pan grilled rolled pork loin chop, roasted peppers, ham, mushrooms, pickles, mozzarella, homemade french fries
Pork bon fillet with mushrooms:
grilled pork tenderloin, mushrooms, homemade french fries
Pork "Butterfly":
grilled pork loin chop, onions, pickles, carrots, mushrooms, mozzarella, fresh peppers
Pork "Flank":
pan grilled pork loin strips, soy sauce
Drusan kebap:
pan grilled pork loin strips, onions
 Pork "Kavarma":
pan grilled pork loin strips, onions, mushrooms, fresh peppers, tomato, sunny-side up egg, serve in a ceramic pot
Pan fried pork shoulder bites: $8.99
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