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    *  Make your reservation now!    *  Lunch Special Only $8.49 : Monday to Friday from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm: Homemade Soup, Main Dish plus Homemade Bread !    *  Food To Go - Bring the Experience Home!


$14.99   $7.99

"Avenue" salad  - katak salad, snejanka
salad, roasted peppers, tomato, cucumbers, feta
cheese, mozzarella, eggs, olives, dry sausages


Shopska salad  - tomatoes, cucumbers,
roasted peppers, feta, green onions

$14.95   $8 .99

Pork Combination Grill  - pork chop, kebabche,
kufte, homemade sausage, ahiah kabob,
tomatoes, cucumbers, french fries


Caesar salad  - romaine lettuce, croutons,
parmesan cheese, caesar dressing,


Ceramic Pot Dish

$9.99   $6.99

Pleskavica - Hot or Regular
Serbian style grilled meat ball


Cheese Guvetche "Trakijski"  - feta, green
peppers, tomato, lukanka, egg

$11.99   $10.99

Chicken ”Vreteno”  - rolled fried stuffed
chicken breast, pickles, mozzarella, ham,
mushrooms, roasted peppers, mushrooms
sauce, homemade french fries


”Butterfly” chicken  - grilled chicken
breast, onions, pickles, carrots,
mushrooms, mozzarella, fresh peppers


$8.99   $8.99

Drusan Kebab  - pan grilled pork loin strips, onions


Grilled Pork Neck Chop

$14.99   $7.99

Grilled Salmon in foil  with
mayonnaise, tomato and mozzarella
served with potato salad


Kukeri Salad  - tomato, cucumbers,
lettuce, ham, corn, croutons,
homemade yogurt sauce

$12.99   $15.95

The Outlaw Shish Kabob -
pork, chicken breast, homemade sausage
fresh mushrooms, green pepper,
onins, tomato, cucumbers


Hunter Style Shish Kabob - Pork or Chicken
shish kabobs, homemade french fries,
vegetable sauce



Ceramic Pot Dish - Sach

$7.99   $15.95

Crepes "Avenue"  - homemade crepes,
stuffed with fresh fruits and
homemade vanilla cream on the top


Tarikatski Sach  - pork and chicken,
onions, mushrooms, ham, pickles,
potato, mozzarella cheese, spices

Ceramic Gondola Dish


Ceramic Plate Dish

$14.99   $10.99

The Cowboy Gondola
beef tongue, steamed mushrooms
and creamy swiss cheese


Zapekanka “Avenue“
pork loin, sudjuk, tomato, feta, onions,
mushrooms, grilled peppers, mozzarella

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